CAMPING DORDOGNE LES DEUX VALLÉES – 168 impasse du Temps Libre - F-24220 VÉZAC – Tél. +33 (0)6 08 40 61 58 – Email : - GPS : 44° 50' 7,112" N - 1° 9' 27,212" E

Les Deux Vallées, 3-star campsite in Dordogne, only 8 km from Sarlat


Camping Les 2 Vallées is an European Ecolabel certified Campsite.

ecolabel-tournesolWater management- The water usage of showers, taps and swimming pools is managed in order to minimalise the amount of drinking water wasted and to optimise comfort.

Energy management- Heating, lighting, gas and water heating are audited and certified every 2 years to ensure they remain energy efficient. As the region is classified as a UNESCO protected area, the installation of wind turbines and solar panel is not permitted, therefore we source our ‘green’ energy from renewable energy sources and it is provided at 100 MWh.

Waste water management- We treat all of our used water ourselves using approved passive treatment methods. All non-decomposable contents is carefully removed and taken to the Sarlat treatment centre. Please help us by not putting non-decomposable items into our water treatment systems.

Waste management- Recycle as much as possible. Please don’t hesitate to speak to us, we are willing to help you. Please make sure that you place items in the correct bins, be it the recycling bins, the glass containers or the compost bins. Please feel free to bring all broken chairs, tables, barbecues, used batteries, damaged tents and electrical goods to the reception so we can take them to the recycling centre in Sarlat.

EcolabelManagement of cleaning products- We only use certified Ecolabel cleaning products in order to reduce our impact on the environment. Furthermore, any toilet paper used on the campsite is Ecolabel certified. These products are a costly annual investment, with higher prices than that of ordinary ones. We have taken the decision to use them, as they are respectful of the environment. Chlorine is used to disinfect the pools and the sanitary blocks. In order to moderate usage, Camping Les 2 Vallées tends to use a disinfectant, which is based on natural products. The use of chlorine to clean swimming pools is, however, required by law.

You are in a UNESCO biosphere; please help us to protect it!

On the 11th July 2012, UNESCO declared the Dordogne Basin as a part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves. This international network brings together exceptional sites that bring together preservation of biodiversity, cultural promotion and economic and social development.

The Dordogne River and the entirety of its hydrographic network is a fundamental part of the lives of the people of the Dordogne region. The founding principle of the Biosphere Reserves of the Dordogne River is that the preservation of its heritage, its resources and its benefits is essential for the future development of the area and for the wellbeing of residents.

The UNESCO Biosphere Label protects ecosystems with great ecological worth.
It aims to:

  • Contribute to their preservation
  • Introduce and uphold sustainable management methods in the area as well as new and experimental approaches
  • Develop research activity in order to better knowledge of the interaction between these natural environments and communities.
  • Raise awareness amongst local councilors and the public regarding preservation methods and sustainable development
  • Promote international recognition of the value of Dordogne Basin, from its source to the estuary
  • Recognise the previous and current efforts in support of preservation made by locals, be it politicians, councilors or inhabitants.

We benefit from the Dordogne Basin’s classification: support us and vote at

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