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Beynac Castle

Discover Beynac

Ideally located between the splendid Château de Beynac-et-Cazenac and the magnificent gardens of Marqueyssac, our campsite offers a beneficial position. You can visit these sites, which are only located 2km away, by bike or by foot. Use this occasion to immerse yourself in enchanting sceneries and enjoy your stay in the Périgord.

 The commune of Beynac has a striking beauty with its warm-coloured old stones, winding alleyways and flagstone roofs. Explore its charming alleyways and peacefully ascend towards the castle while keeping a close eye on the fantastic views of the River Dordogne. Don’t forget to visit the town hall and the Tourist Information Office which have been set up in magnificent stone dwellings. 

We recommend that you stop by the Tourist Information Office where you can obtain information on visits in the Périgord and reserve guided visits. Among these is an hour and a half visit during which you can discover quirky places, including the Notre-Dame church, an ancient 12th century Roman chapel which is usually closed to the public.

The Château de Beynac

Once you reach the top of the cliff, you will come across the impressive Château de Beynac which is 900 years old. In an impeccable state, it invites you on an immersive trip to the Middle Ages. The interior is as well preserved as the exterior, which explains why it has been a listed historical monument since 1944. Continue your exploration up to the calvary located after the castle, offering a panoramic view of the valley. 

Tip: the guided visit is included in your entrance ticket, allowing you to discover all the fascinating details of this magnificent castle. Each visit begins every 30 minutes from April to October.

Historical information

Beynac-Cazenac, a medieval town whose history is narrowly linked to the eponymous family. This noble family played a crucial role during the Hundred Years’ War and was the suzerain of Marqueyssac. In the 12th century, the family ordered the construction of the Château de Beynac. The 15th century chapel contains a statue of St Catherine and was a place of worship for fishers passing by on the Dordogne. This castle has served as a setting for famous films. 

Activities in Beynac

Like other towns along the Dordogne, you can explore Beynac on board a Gabarre. Don’t forget to admire the port! For a more daring experience, climb high and gaze upon the castles from the sky in a hot-air balloon. Finally, do not miss the Beynac producers’ market which takes place every Monday morning. It is the perfect occasion to discover the typical local products of the Périgord.